Enable Your Cloud Apps to Become Self-Optimizing

Public cloud enables your organization to automatically and intelligently deploy applications, but, in most cases, humans are still manually deciding which services to purchase and how many resources to provision—for every individual application.

This manual selection of cloud resources is imperfect 100% of the time—not because your team is at fault, but because it is not possible for humans to quantify and compare variable application resource demands with all the available public cloud service offerings—many of which evolve weekly.

Pick the wrong instance type, and your compute-intensive app might slow to a crawl. Size for monthly peaks without using burstable instances, and the wasted resources will triple your costs. Continue using older, out-of-date generations, and you’ll end up with poor performance and higher costs.

Now, imagine a world where your apps:

  • Gain the intelligence and ability to optimize their environments automatically and dynamically
  • Use predictive analysis to project their resource demands for every hour of the year
  • Continuously match themselves perfectly to the best-suited cloud instances, container sizes, and optimal nodes, even as their requirements change, and, as better technologies become available
  • Understand and honor the business policies that you’ve configured to govern how they are assigned cloud resources
  • Can visualize the entire cloud catalog—across all providers—and know when to leverage each vendor’s differentiating features
  • Have mastered the pricing and purchasing games for cloud services, and they know, collectively, whether and when to use reserved instances

Densify makes this world possible—we shoulder the burden of these decisions for your team. Our sophisticated machine learning optimizes your cloud by giving your apps the intelligence to perfectly match their needs with cloud resources every time—improving performance and driving down costs.

See for yourself at www.densify.com/start