Why Multicloud Strategies Require Hybrid Capacity Analytics

Recorded Presentation with IDC

Make A Successful Jump to Multicloud

According to IDC, most enterprise-class organizations expect to rely on multiple clouds. To be successful, enterprises must make this multicloud transition in a way that:

  • Enables them to maintain control over their applications
  • Optimizes the capacity being purchased at business speed
  • Does not inadvertently create operational silos

Mary Johnston Turner, Vice President Enterprise Systems Management Software at IDC Research, joins Densify in this presentation to discuss how workload-aware multicloud capacity and migration analytics are becoming critical enablers for modern cloud strategies.

What You Will Learn

Watch the presentation now to learn:

  • Why and how enterprises are planning multicloud investments
  • Best practices for determining multicloud placement—how to put the right resources in the right cloud
  • The benefits of application-centric resource and cost optimization analytics
  • How workload characteristics impact successful multicloud placement
  • The potential cost impacts of getting it wrong

Watch the presentation now!