How to Minimize Risk During Migrations to AWS, Azure, & Other Public Clouds

Recorded Presentation with EMA

Learn How Intelligent Analysis Can Prevent A Rocky Journey to Public Cloud

Public cloud is growing rapidly—by 2017, the market had already expanded to $25B in size—but this rapid expansion is leading to opex inefficiencies as businesses rush to meet cloud mandates. According to EMA, business pressure for rapid migration, combined with pay-as-you-go models for cloud services that are hard to quantify and project, have led to cloud project cost overruns of up to 50%.

With the second wave of public cloud migration in full swing—the movement and modernization of enterprise apps and the transition of 80%+ of traditional workloads—it is harder than ever to budget and control cloud costs.

In this recorded presentation, Torsten Volk, Managing Director, Hybrid Cloud & Infrastructure Management, EMA and the Densify CTO lay out a strategy for avoiding the major risks associated with this violent transition by leveraging comprehensive, intelligent analysis.

Watch this presentation to learn how you can migrate in a way that helps:

  • Alleviate the challenges of rapid migration to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and other public cloud services
  • Free your team from the burden of managing infrastructure
  • Enable the effective migration of traditional applications
  • Shrinks the footprint of on-premises infrastructure
  • Gets critical infrastructure to the correct cloud-hosted combinations of IaaS, bare metal, and containers
  • Effectively controls costs during and after migration

Watch the presentation now!