How eSentire Achieves Cost Optimization for Public Cloud Workloads with Densify

eSentire is a leading provider of cybersecurity as a service, delivering detection and response capabilities to their customers. In this video, CEO J.Paul Haynes describes how customer growth has driven rapid IT infrastructure expansion for eSentire, especially into Amazon Web Services. Public clouds have enabled eSentire to provision services more quickly than with their traditional on-premises approach, but, without a holistic view of workload placements, costs were also expanding swiftly.

Densify provides eSentire with complete views of on-premises and cloud workload placements, and the ability to optimize them based on usage pattern data and insights. The Densify Densification Advisor team enabled eSentire to get up and running quickly to find immediate savings, and allows them to outsource cloud optimization expertise.

eSentire has found additional efficiencies with Densify by optimizing Microsoft enterprise licenses to only apply to servers that require those capabilities. This has saved eSentire substantially on fees they were paying previously for unneeded licenses.