Video: Densify Cloud Optimization Overview

Densify Uses Machine Learning to Perfectly Match Your App Requirements to the Right Cloud Resources

Densify analyzes your environment, summarizing how well you are doing in terms of optimizing and rightsizing your cloud. In this typical environment, only about 40% of the instances are sized correctly. Densify is recommending a variety of actions based on machine-learned historical workload operational patterns.

Recommendations include terminating flatlined workloads, modernizing to newer and more powerful instance generations, downsizing instances that aren’t using their resources, and upsizing instances that require more. Densify doesn’t just suggest up- or downsizing within families. To ensure the perfect mix of resources for your app, Densify will even recommend new instance families alltogether. This comprehensive approach to app-to-resource matching drives cloud spend savings.

Today, Densify optimizes AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, containerized environments from Kubernetes, and any public or private cloud environments leveraging VMware. Digging into AWS, we see optimization recommendations for EC2. Densify also analyzes and optimizes RDS, Auto Scaling groups, and helps you plan and optimize your Reserved Instances purchases.

Drilling down to a specific application group, we can review the recommendations for these four instances. Lets take a closer look at one specific EC2 recommendation. The predictive workload chart for this system is very high and the instance will be breaching its service levels. It’s currently running on a m4.large Linux, and Densify’s recommendation is that it should be running on a c5.xlarge. Densify shows the predicted “before and after” workload charts across CPU, memory, disk & network I/O, and other metrics, so you know exactly why the recommendation is being made. We also show recommended Purchasing Strategy—whether it should be reserved or on-demand, based on predicted uptime, estimated cost savings, and the effort level required to implement the recommendation.

It’s one thing to convince CloudOps that an optimization is safe, but it’s more critical to prove to application owners that the recommendation is solid—they aren’t interested in a recommendation based purely on cost savings. Densify’s App Owner Report provides specific detailed evidence, benefits, before and after information, and effort level to prove that this is a safe recommendation to implement.

Finally, imagine having hundreds of these recommendations to action. Densify enables continuous cloud optimization, which fits into your DevOps CI/CD practices. Densify integrates with Infrastructure as Code tools like Terraform to make your instances self-aware of their exact resource requirements, and can empower your cloud to become self-optimizing based on your organization’s best practices—automating these recommended actions.

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