Managing & Optimizing OpenShift Container Infrastructure at Scale

On-Demand Training

Taking Control of Your OpenShift Infrastructure

Many organizations ignore the importance of actively managing container resources, leaving developers and engineering staff to configure them manually through their best efforts. As container infrastructure scales, the result is often unnecessary risk and unintended and uncontrolled waste.

There is a better way: automated, continuous resource optimization through the integration of OpenShift and Densify. This pairing combines the best elements of automation and orchestration with machine-learning-driven automated resource optimization analytics.

  • Red Hat
  • Red Hat OpenShift

Watch this training and see how Red Hat and Densify enable architects and infrastructure owners to manage their OpenShift container platforms better, while enabling Finance teams to optimize their infrastructure costs proactively. The training covers:

  • Introduction to OpenShift
  • Best practices for managing and optimizing resources with OpenShift
  • Overview of the top management challenges when customers deploy applications without optimization
  • Introduction to Densify
  • How to combine OpenShift and Densify for continuous resource optimization
  • Q&A with live attendees

Automatically Optimizing OpenShift

About the Presenters

Jai Subbaih

Jai Subbaih Senior Solutions Architect, Red Hat

Jai Subbaih is an experienced OpenShift and middleware administrator with a demonstrated history of working with the the financial services industry.

Chuck Tatham

Chuck Tatham Chief Marketing Officer & VP, Business Development, Densify

Chuck Tatham is an experienced technology executive with a passion to drive business adoption of technologies that benefit both the client’s technical and business parts of their organization.