The CI/CD Framework

A Best-Practices-Based Approach to Continuous Integration & Delivery

How Successful Enterprises Manage Cloud Costs through DevOps

DevOps+FinOps Training Session

Watch this recorded training and explore the science of continuous cost optimization. Our DevOps experts cover:

  • How continuous optimization can be embedded and actioned by DevOps pipelines
  • Case studies of advanced enterprises successfully augmenting their pipelines
  • A live demo of a best practice DevOps pipeline supporting continuous cost optimization

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See How Your CI/CD Pipeline Compares

Modern technologies like containers and the emergence of architectures like Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) have made the practice of software development increasingly complex—and overwhelming. As organizations embrace the DevOps practices to continuously deliver better applications in a more agile fashion, it is critical for DevOps practitioners to see the big picture of the whole CI/CD pipeline.

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The framework is an easy-to-follow best practice pipeline for CI/CD, enabling novices and sophisticated practitioners alike to improve their organizational processes

See The Value of Integrated Container Resource Optimization

See how Raiffeisen Bank saves 50% on the frequency of resource expansions, an overall reduction in resources required, and the alleviation of the risk of instability caused by container memory shortages.

Raffeisen shares OpenShift optimization with Jenkins CI/CD