Atrium Maximizes Savings & Utilization with Reserved Instances

About Atrium Underwriters

Atrium Underwriters

Atrium is a long-established, leading specialist insurance and reinsurance business, underwriting through Syndicate 609 at Lloyds. Atrium operates within the Lloyds market and has a history dating back to the 1930s.

Partnering with Densify and iSYSTEMS, Atrium maximized their Reserved Instance investments with 95% utilization and complete portfolio visibility.


iSYSTEMS Integration Solutions

iSYSTEMS is a trusted technology partner and adviser, specializing in the delivery of IT infrastructure and cloud-based solutions in the UK. As Atrium’s trusted technology partner, iSYSTEMS was called upon to help manage Atrium’s spiraling AWS costs. iSYSTEMS recommended Densify as their solution of choice.

The Challenge

In October 2018, Atrium purchased 13 subscriptions comprised of 75 convertible Reserved Instances on a 12-month term with no upfront payment in the following eu-west-1 at an approximate amortized cost of $15K per month.

Atrium lacked visibility into their Reserved Instance usage and coverage, amplified by a necessity to maximize utilization and reduce overall cloud spend.

The Solution

Densify’s machine learning technology accurately analyzed Atrium’s existing Reserved Instance purchases, and created an actionable, multi-step optimization process to help convert the existing Reserved Instances into an optimal set of Reserved Instances that precisely matched workload demands.

The analysis highlighted:

  • The overall Reserved Instance utilization was at 75%
  • There was EC2 On-Demand usage available to take advantage of unused Reserved Instances

In May 2019, Densify provided 4 sets of exchange recommendations with a total true-up cost of only $350 dollars.

The Results

By following Densify’s recommendations, Atrium was able to maximize the value of their Reserved Instances purchases.

With the recommended exchanges, the following value was realized between May and September of 2019.

Increase of Reserved Instances Utilization from 75% to 95%

Historical RI utilization
Historical Reserved Instances Utilization (eu-west-1)

The blue vertical line in the preceding graph demarcates when Densify recommendations were adopted.

$31K in Savings over On-Demand with the Same RI Spend

Total month-by-month savings with RIs
Month-by-Month Total Savings with Densify Exchange Recommendations (eu-west-1)

Densify’s ongoing analysis and recommendations have become an integral part of Atrium’s future Reserved Instance purchasing strategy.