Managing Container Resources How to Automatically Resource Your Containers

Containers deliver scalability, elasticity, and portability for your applications, but they require significant investment and effort to ensure they run and scale safely and efficiently.

Machine-learning-powered container resource management automates the process of resource selection for your container environments—so you can rest at ease.

Machine intelligence continuously learns each of your container’s usage patterns, and recommends the best container sizing, node resources, and the optimal pod placement to ensure your apps run performantly.

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Densify Makes Container Resource Management Automatic

With Densify container resource management, you get:

  • Improved performance as your apps always receive the right resources
  • Increased utilization and resource efficiency, ensuring you never spend more than required
  • Continuous automation and optimization incorporated and integrated upstream into your DevOps processes
  • Worry-free container sizing, so you can focus on application development

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