Continuous Cloud Optimization through Dynamic Resource Selection

Using Infrastructure as Code to Optimize Your Cloud Continuously

You're probably leveraging infrastructure as code (IaC) management and provisioning processess and tooling as part of your enterprise DevOps CI/CD pipeline, but how can you leverage your existing IaC tools to achieve continuous optimization?

Most organizations that are using infrastructure as code to resource applications are inadvertently creating operational risks and artificially high cloud costs because the selection of resources is generally hardcoded into the IaC template. Each of these hardcoded cloud resource specifications, often coded by DevOps engineers making their best estimation of the resources their application workload might actually require, represents a micropurchase of a specific public cloud instance. For a single instance, there is often limited risk, but at enterprise scale—over hundreds of cloud instances—the unnecessary costs can be tremendous.

Densify enables continuous optimization of your cloud resources—the ability to automatically and dynamically provision the optimal resource specifications for an app workload over time.

Instead of hardcoding a specific instance type and size, resource specifications in your IaC template are replaced with an API call to Densify, which analyzes your workload over time and predicts and assigns the most appropriate cloud resources to your application. As these requirements evolve over time, Densify continues to porvide the most optimal cloud resource supply.

Densify can be called from any infrastructure as code or configuration management system to enable continous optimization. These tools include:

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