Extracting Cloud Resource Recommendations via API

Demo Video

This demo video shows how to leverage RESTful APIs via Postman to extract the recommendations generated by machine-learning-driven analytics to be leveraged downstream to optimize and manage your cloud environment.

Using Postman, users can configure and make API calls to get Densify hybrid cloud resource management recommendations. Densify’s API call outputs are available in JSON or Terraform formats and can be queried via Postman collection, providing Cloud Engineers and DevOps teams with extensive details that can be used to feed downstream automation engines.

As part of the API calls, each recommendation contains the current instance type and size, recommended instance type and size, predicted uptime, purchasing strategy (On-Demand versus Reserved Instance), cost impact, level of effort to implement, and more.

A detailed PDF report showcasing the before and after state benefits and impact analysis is also available through Densify API calls, and can be used to improve app owner and business unit confidence towards approving and implementing these actions.

Wield the Power of Science to Manage Your Cloud & Container Resources

Densify makes recommendations available via REST API, but how do we generate these recommendations in the first place? Get a 1:1 demonstration and see how Densify can help you automate resource management—ensuring your workloads get the right resources all the time.

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