Analytics-Driven Cloud Cost Visibility

Veristor Achieves Infrastructure Efficiency & Cost Optimization

Cloud adoption is complex and creates ongoing issues with cost sprawl. How an organization designs, deploys, and supports applications has significant implications on performance and cost. These complications leave organizations struggling to get accurate visibility and insights into their application infrastructure and costs.

In this video, Murray Granger, EVP of Sales at Veristor, describes how Densify enables complete cost visibility and optimization for their customers.

Proven Recommendations for Resources Efficiency, Reserved Instances, & Cloud Cost Optimization

Veristor is a close-knit team of seasoned IT technology experts with the best tools in the industry available to them. Together with their customers, they devise, design, and deploy transformative solutions that provide fast, real-world returns.

Densify’s Cloud-Learning Optimization Engine integrates with Veristor’s customers cloud environments and analyzes data based on business-defined criteria including utilization, technical, and operational requirements, generating impact analysis reports with substantiated performance and cost recommendations that can be approved and automatically implemented. By providing deep visibility into workload patterns, before/after impact, and cost, Veristor is able to help their customers optimize application performance and infrastructure, Reserved Instances purchasing strategies, and put a definitive end to cost sprawl.

Get Complete Intelligence on Your Own Cloud Spend

Densify analytics give leading enterprises complete visibility into their cloud usage. See how you can attain real cloud resource efficiency, make the most of RIs, and control cloud costs.

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