Cloud Cost Optimization with Vendor-Native Tools from AWS, Azure, & Google

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Where Do Vendor-Native Tools Fall Short in Enabling Cloud Cost Optimization?

Join Densify for a look at the strengths and limitations of the cost optimization capabilities provided natively by the Big 3 Cloud Providers (AWS, Azure, and Google).

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud

We have evaluated the primary offerings, consolidated the data, and will present a competitive summary. We’ll cover:

  • Key considerations for enabling FinOps and successful instance resource optimization programs
  • Where vendor-native solutions can help
  • Where these free solutions fall short

We will dig into prominent cloud financial management tools, including:

We also include an open Q&A session answering several FinOps questions.

Exploring Vendor-Native FinOps Tools

Andy Walton

Andy Walton VP, Technical Sales, Densify

About the Presenter

Andy Walton has over 25 years of experience in IT. At Densify, he works with new prospects and business partners to demonstrate the unique value and functionality of the Densify service.

Prior to Densify, Andy held management, sales, and technical roles at IBM, Think Dynamics, KANA Software, Octel Communications, and Tandem Computers. He has a bachelor degree with honours in mathematics and computer science from the University of Waterloo.