Cloud Cost Outlier Analysis

Analyze & Leverage Cloud Cost Anomalies to Optimize Your Infrastructure

Cloud cost anomaly detection and analysis enables you to leverage spend deviations and irregularities as data to drive infrastructure optimization. The Densify cloud cost outlier analysis view automatically flags any spending anomalies over a specific time period, broken out by logical groupings like:

  • cloud service
  • subscription
  • account
  • business application
  • business unit
  • and more

Outlier definitions are configurable based on:

  • available days of history
  • minimum spend
  • the number of standard deviations from the average

Values above the outlier threshold indicate overspend, while values below indicate unpredicted drops in spending. Detailed tabular reporting allows you to drill into the detailed underlying data.

One Densify customer leveraged anomaly detection of an underspend situation to identify a new way to configure cloud database services to save significant cloud cost over time, and made the configuration standard across their cloud—enabled their enterprise to save thousands of additional dollars.

Start Learning from Anomalies in Your Cloud Costs

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Cost anomaly detection and analysis