Cloud & Container​ Cost Optimization & Control

Today’s cloud and container environments are extremely fluid. Workloads are dynamic, cloud instances scalable, and containers spin up and shut down on the fly.

In this dynamic environment, developers and application owners have total control over the resources they request. But, most are using primitive manual processes, educated guesses, and tribal knowledge, to determine the resources needed for the desired performance.

These decisions can add up to millions in monthly billing. And, because performance and stability matter above all else, Finance has little choice but to fund the required resources. But—because they don’t control the resources—for cost savings, they’re limited to leveraging Reserved Instances and vendor Savings Plans. Such disconnected decision making can’t be sustained.

To reduce costs and optimize resources across the organization requires technology with complete visibility. So organizations can precisely identify what resources the applications need, and opportunities to deliver equal or better performance—at a lower cost.

By applying the right analytics, IT and Finance can balance all performance and cost factors. And, Densify has found, that in the process, they’ll typically discover potential savings in the neighborhood of 50% on monthly cloud bills.

Densify’s next-generation cloud and container analytics leverages machine learning to precisely match application demand with resources, automatically, continuously, and—most important—before you get the bill.

As developers and application owners optimize performance, reliability, and stability; seamless integration with existing reporting and collaboration systems enables finance to reduce and control costs—without adding risk.

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