Global Transportation & Business Services Organization Eliminates $3.8M in CA APM Licenses


Licensed Hosts Before
Licensed Hosts After
$3.5 million (1,220 licenses)

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Customer Challenge

A global transportation and business services organization was facing an upcoming license renewal for CA’s Application Performance Management product. The company had zero visibility into where their licenses were installed and running and no idea how to optimize them to control costs for renewal time.

Densify Solution

Densify’s predictive analytics was implemented. Applying policies around utilization, technical compatibility, compliance and software license requirements, allowed this organization to increase density and reduce the number of CA APM licensed hosts from 5,304 to 4,084.

The Results

By optimizing VM placements to minimize the CA APM licensing requirement by 1,220 hosts, Densify was able to eliminate $3.5 million in CA APM license costs from their IT Budget.