Global Insurer Gets Control of Complex IBM WebSphere Licensing to Save $2 Million Annually


Annual Savings
$2 million
License Reduction

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Customer Challenge

A leading global insurer’s WebSphere licenses were moving from a 3-year “all you can eat” model to a Processor Valut Unit (PVU) based model.

The organization had to figure out how to deal with the complexity of the new licensing model and its potential for significantly increasing licensing costs.

Densify Solution

The organization realized it needed to take a new approach to VM placement management in order to reduce the number of licenses required for the environment. Taking into account important policies tied to the workloads, such as high availability, and future growth, Densify’s real-time optimization analysis determined how to properly place the VM to reduce the number of licenses required.

The Results

Densify reduced the number of physical hosts requiring licenses from 64 to 32.

By reducing the footprint by 50%, the insurer yielded annual savings of $2 million in maintenance costs.