Global Bank Reduces Oracle Licenses by 76%


Licensed Host Reduction
From 495 to just 118
License Savings
$23 million (380 licenses)
Physical Host Reduction

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Customer Challenge

When their Oracle database contract was up for renewal, a global bank needed Densify Software Licensing Reduction module to help reduce costs.

Densify Solution

The Bank had already realized an annual savings of $2 Million on Windows Server Datacenter edition license maintenance costs, so they knew Densify was the solution to help them gain control over their Oracle licenses.

Densify analytics ran the detailed optimization analysis, taking into account all policies and business constraints currently in place and concentrate Oracle software onto fewer physical servers while still ensuring the environment would run without additional performance risk.

The Results

Densify optimized the environment to reduce the number of Oracle host-based licenses from 495 down to 118—a 76% reduction!

This represented a savings of $23 million annually in Oracle maintenance costs.