Leading Energy Provider Evaluates Hosting Alternatives for AWS Workloads to Reduce Cloud Costs


Organization Size
~6,000 employees
Public Cloud Size
368 AWS instances
Annual Public Cloud Cost Savings with Densify
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Customer Challenge

A leading energy provider in North America acquired a Canadian provider that had 368 Amazon Web Services cloud instances. The acquiring organization wanted to find ways to reduce the cost of the AWS environment. They asked Densify for help in reviewing alternative hosting environments, as well as analyzing the AWS environment for optimization opportunities.

Densify Solution

The existing AWS environment was purchased primarily leveraging Reserved Instances which were maturing on different dates in 3–5 months time. Through both modernizing and right-sizing their cloud instances in AWS, Densify showed the organization how they could reduce the AWS bill by $85,000 per month. The AWS analysis also revealed 29 instances that were not being used. Through its deep workload analysis that leverages benchmarks to normalize the data across platforms, Densify was also able to accurately model the AWS environment onto IBM Bluemix bare metal. In Bluemix, Densify revealed annual cost savings of $1.4 million.

The Results

With its new insight into its Amazon Web Services environment and a detailed view of viable alternatives, the organization was equipped to discuss new hosting platforms with IBM, its consulting services partner.

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