Fortune 500 Banking & Payment Technology Provider Finds VM Placement Savings


Customer base
14,000 institutions in over 130 countries
VMware, PowerVM
Approximately 24,000 VMs & servers

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Customer Challenge

The organization countered capacity risk in virtualized infrastructure by over-provisioning hardware, but they lacked transparency into a VM’s true resource requirements which limited the potential savings. This challenge would be exacerbated upon adoption of their NextGEN cloud.

Densify Solution

Densify’s analytics clearly demonstrated the true infrastructure requirements of each VM. The company was able to change policy to densify the environment and improve efficiency without introducing operational risk.

The Results

  • Cost Avoidance through Improved Strategic Placements (17% improvement after 4 months)
  • Improved Instance to Asset Ratio on NextGEN Platform (legacy was 11:1)
  • Reduction in Cabling, Power, and Cooling Costs on NextGEN Platform