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Densify is a predictive analytics service that optimizes cloud environments in real-time, enabling customers to operate with less cloud cost, less infrastructure and better performing applications. Below is a collection of stories of how we have helped our customers achieve their desired outcomes.

Here’s what our customers are saying

"The review sessions run by the Densification Advisor™ were really, really excellent and professional. They have given the team useful insight into the issues identified by the analytics."

"Not only have we reduced public cloud infrastructure costs by over 40%, we optimized internal VMware infrastructure to significantly reduced performance issues and volatility."

"Densify is simply the right way to manage the balance of application demand and infrastructure supply. In the first 30 days, we already have a clear view of how the software will pay for itself many times over."

"Densify guides our decisions on future capacity requirements – for both internal private cloud and AWS. Using it, we are able to ensure appropriate amounts of capacity, optimized workload placements, resource planning for the future."

"Densify takes the guesswork out deciding where to host our VMs. With Densify in control of placements, we can now confidently automate the process."

Public Cloud Optimization stories

Public Cloud Cost Optimization:

Densify provides visibility, control and significant cost reduction opportunities for public cloud resources.

Giving a US ticket distribution
company insight required to reduce
risk and waste in AWS

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Leading energy provider gets
insight into hosting alternatives
for AWS workloads

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On-Premise Virtual Infrastructure Optimization Stories

Real-Time Infrastructure Optimization:

Densify offers the most comprehensive solution for automating cloud and infrastructure optimization.

Fortune 500 Firm –
Capital Cost Reduction

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A Leading European Bank – 100% Improvement in Virtual Density

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Reduced Risk
& Volatility:

Densify’s predictive analytics proactively reduce risk, while its real-time response acts as a safety net in case of operational anomalies.

Tech Refresh and Infrastructure Transformation:

Densify has set the industry standard for cloud migration, transformations and tech refresh.

Densify’s proactive optimization
reduces DRS moves and volatility
for leading insurer

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Densify Helps Global Bank
Migrate 100,000 Workloads
to the Cloud

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Densify Helps Global Insurer
Optimize Next Generation

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Automated App Placement:

Densify automatically, in real-time optimizes VM placements across hosting environments.

Software License Reduction:

Densify helps customers dramatically reduce software license costs in on-premise and bare metal infrastructure.

Capacity Reservations System Improves Service Agility & Removes Over-Provisioning in Private Cloud Environment

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Densify Software License Reduction

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