Next-Generation Cloud Optimization Densify Cloud Management Brochure

Imagine: Your Cloud, Forever Optimized

Selecting the optimal cloud resources for your applications can be daunting, imperfect and, frankly, impossible due to the billions of ways your cloud instances could be configured. Densify offers a patented automation engine that replaces the tedious and error-prone manual process of cloud instance selection. Our machine learning understands the workload patterns of your applications and aligns their needs perfectly to the optimal cloud resources—eliminating risk and application degradation, while ensuring maximum cost efficiency.

It takes 15 minutes to start, and in the first 24 hours, Densify delivers unparalleled cloud optimization automation. The results include:

  • Better application performance and stability
  • Continuous cloud optimization with visibility
  • Operational efficiency with high level of automation
  • Enhanced cloud cost efficiency
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