Strategies for Detecting AWS Cost Anomalies

Recorded FinOps Training

AWS Cost Anomaly Detection

The variable nature of cloud means that enterprises must always be keep a watchful eye for fluctuations in cloud costs. Organizations with successful cloud financial management strategies in place are able to dynamically visualize cloud spend and proactively identify and respond to spend outliers and anomalies before they spiral out of control.

In this 30-minute recorded training, our AWS FinOps experts present and discuss imperative approaches for successful FinOps. They cover critical strategies that include:

  • How to decipher complex AWS billing and usage data for easier reporting and communication
  • Common FinOps pitfalls and how outlier analysis can help identify anomalous cloud costs
  • How to build a successful FinOps culture in your organization where cloud financial management becomes part of everyone’s job
  • Why successful enterprises must use a combination of cloud vendor tools like AWS Cost Anomaly Detection and deeper analysis from Densify

We also include an open Q&A session with the audience answering a broad array of cloud financial management questions.

AWS Anomaly Detection Training Session

About the Presenters

Andy Walton

Andy Walton VP, Technical Sales, Densify

Andy Walton has over 25 years of experience in IT. At Densify, he works with new prospects and business partners to demonstrate the unique value and functionality of the Densify service.

Prior to Densify, Andy held management, sales, and technical roles at IBM, Think Dynamics, KANA Software, Octel Communications, and Tandem Computers. He has a bachelor degree with honours in mathematics and computer science from the University of Waterloo.

Faisal Mohammad

Faisal Mohammad Technical Advisor, Densify

Faisal Mohammad works with Densify clients to deliver solutions for managing and optimizing complex hybrid cloud infrastructures. He has presented about cloud management at a number of industry events worldwide.

Prior to Densify, Faisal held technical positions at SAP, Camilion Solutions, and Bell Mobility. He has a bachelor degree in computer engineering from the University of Toronto is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect.