AI & Machine Learning for Optimizing DevOps, IT Operations, & Business

EMA Report & Decision Guide

Essential Recommendations for IT Operations & DevOps

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EMA research shows that leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) for DevOps, IT operations management, and business management is currently a top priority for enterprises.

AI/ML bring data-driven intelligence that allows organizations to optimize processes, recognize relevant trends, proactively prevent issues, rapidly detect and resolve problems, and enable human staff to make efficient, optimal, and fact-driven decisions.

In this EMA Decision Guide for Enterprise, you will learn:

  • The disruptive impacts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on DevOps, IT Operations and Business
  • The four core capabilities artificial intelligence brings to IT Operations
  • AI use cases in continuous testing for DevOps, quality control, root cause analysis, and more
  • The limitations of artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • The top 3 vendors leveraging AI/ML to help enterprises deploy and manage their application infrastructure in an SLA-driven and cost-effective manner

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