Automated capacity control for your infrastructure

See what you have, what’s coming and exactly what you need – now and in the future.

Automated proactive and real-time actions keep virtual infrastructure and bare metal cloud optimized.

Densify gives you the best of both worlds—automated proactive optimization to avoid resource contention and shortfall risk while ensuring efficiency and real-time response for operational anomalies. Densify enables automated optimization via:


  • Proactive VM and cloud instance right-sizing to ensure resource allocations are sufficient without wasting capacity
  • Real-time hot-adds in response to CPU and memory resource allocation shortfalls
  • Scheduling of resource reclamation and right-sizing when real-time changes to allocations are not suitable due to policy and operational constraints


  • Proactive avoidance of host and environment imbalances with rebalancing actions to avoid resource contention
  • Proactive elimination of stranded capacity due to inefficient VM placements by rebalancing VMs
  • Intelligent real-time VM rebalancing through synchronization of Densify’s predictive analysis models and integration to VMware DRS
  • Real-time analysis of new workload placement across on-prem and public cloud infrastructure, to avoid resource imbalances at the cluster and environment levels
Densify keeps your cloud optimized

Measure true available resources.

Densify provides visibility into your true available resources and requirements so you can confidently understand exactly what you have on the floor today. You also get visibility into requirements with our optimization recommendations applied and without.
Densify lets you see your true available resources Densify gives you visibility into the demands of your infrastructure

Identify when you will run out of capacity.

Get detailed visibility into which clusters are in danger of not having enough capacity with drill-downs into the details – so you know exactly when you will fall short of which resources. Densify even identifies which clusters are closed to accepting more workloads so you know exactly where you can rebalance workloads to avoid a shortfall and where you can’t.
Densify shows you capacity risk

Accurately forecast by reserving room for future demand.

Most requests for new workload placements do not require immediate fulfillment. That’s why Densify optimizes host environment selection in advance and reserves the appropriate capacity for a planned deployment in the targeted host environment until it’s required. This not only ensures resource availability, but it’s critical for accurate forecasting and avoiding resource shortages.
Densify optimizes your environment proactively for planned deployments

See all demands, meet all demands.

Densify gives you a complete picture of all your demand – workloads in internal infrastructure, workloads in public cloud, growth trends and even reservations for upcoming planned workload deployments. So you can accurately model future demand for each kind of resource and infrastructure required. The best part is all the data is automatically collected and analyzed in one system. No more blind spots and the end to manual data manipulation in spreadsheets.
Densify helps you model future demand for each kind of resource and infrastructure required

Plan your infrastructure transformation.

Densify provides comprehensive forecasting for future requirements demands and even provides modeling for transformations and new hardware purchases and configurations. Our goal is to ensure you only ever buy just what you need and nothing more.
Densify provides modeling for transformations and new hardware purchases and configurations

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