Automated, Proactive Optimization Delivers Realtime Automated Responses

Optimize Proactively & in Real Time

Densify offers the most comprehensive solution for automating cloud and infrastructure optimization. Densify is the only solution that can beleveraged for predictive analysis and realtime response, enabling it to proactively automate cloud and virtual infrastructure optimization to avoid resource shortfalls and performance issues, while simultaneously increasing efficiency and respond to operational anomalies.

Automated, proactive optimization to reduce volatility while increasing efficiency

Through its deep historical workload analysis, Densify’s predictive analytics know what a workload will do before it does it. This enables automated, proactive optimization that prevents resource contention & shortfalls, while simultaneously increasing efficiency.

Densify proactively:

  • Right-sizes VMs and cloud instances to ensure resource allocations are sufficient without wasting capacity
  • Increases density by optimally placing VMs to dovetail workloads, while at the same time, avoiding host and environment imbalances and resource contention
  • Eliminates stranded capacity due to inefficient VM placements by rebalancing VMs
  • Automates software license control by optimally placing VMs to reduce software license requirements for products based on host and core-based licensing models.
Automated, proactive optimization with Densify

Automated, real-time response when you need it

Densify’s real-time capabilities provide intelligent, automated response enabling:

  • Hot-adds in response to CPU and memory resource allocation shortfalls
  • Scheduling of resource reclamation and right-sizing when real-time changes to allocations are not suitable due to policy and operational constraints
  • Intelligent real-time VM rebalancing through synchronization of Densify’s predictive analysis models and integration to VMware DRS
  • Real-time analysis of new workload placement across on-prem and public cloud infrastructure, enabling automation of hybrid cloud provisioning workflows
Automated, real-time response with Densify

Extend automation to suit your needs via our RESTful API

In addition to automation that comes with Densify for VMware, our API also enables customers to integrate Densify with any third-party solution in your environment requiring VM placement and sizing information, such as ticketing systems and orchestration to automate answers according to your own change management processes. You can even connect to cloud management platforms like solutions from IBM, HPE and VMware to automate VM routing to the right hosting environments and when capacity isn’t required immediately, automatically reserve and hold capacity for future workload placements.

  • VMware vRealize Automation
  • IBM Cloud Orchestrator
  • ServiceNow
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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