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Densify continuously delivers optimal resources to minimize performance risks and eliminate wasteful over-allocation in complex cloud and container environments. Meet with us for a no-pressure exploratory conversation and get tips for how you can:

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Intelligent Kubernetes & OpenShift Resource Optimization​ Container Performance is Too Important to Rely on “Best Guess” Resource Allocation

See the Spread of Risk, Efficiency, & Waste in Your Environment


It’s difficult to pinpoint resource deficiencies from aggregate views of large environments. Densify generates meaningful visualizations of efficiency and risk across clusters, business units, and application components, enabling you to quickly see how and to what extent your CPU and memory requests and limits depart from what is optimal and drill down to diagnose major challenges.

Automatically Set Optimal Resource Requests & Limits


App performance challenges and cost overages in container environments often stem from suboptimal resource specifications. Densify generates directives for maximizing node and cluster utilization while alleviating risks of throttled CPU and process termination. These directives can automatically integrate into your container specifications through CI/CD and ITSM workflows.

Node Autoscaling Story


We’re also aware of the details coming from request and limits so we can adjust your autoscaling groups appropriately. Lower your cloud bill by deploying fewer nodes for the same containers.

What to Expect in Your 30-Minute Consultation

Densify’s experts will tailor your containers resource management session to your specific interests. Potential areas of discussion include:

  • Best practices for reining in CPU and memory requests and limits and their associated cost and performance challenges that indicate probable areas for optimization in your own infrastructure
  • Exploring workload “personality” case studies we’ve identified from similar deployments and learn where your organization is likely to see quick wins and obstacles
  • Setting up a complimentary Kubernetes or OpenShift analysis and discovery trial to demonstrate a portion of the value a Densify subscription will provide
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