Schedule D – Service Level Agreement

V2 – (Jul 2017)



Service Level


Access Failure to Customer’s Densify Instance
Electronic access to https://<<customer>>

Access will be restored within 2 business hours (4am to 8pm ET Monday to Friday) from the time Customer notifies Densify

97% Available Monthly

How its measured:
# of hours beyond commitment / committed hours of availability


Data Collection Failure
Completion of audits within the following parameters:

Loaded as scheduled. Failed audits loaded within 16 business hours (4am to 8pm ET Monday to Friday) from the time the customer notifies Densify subject to the exclusions below

99% audit completion Monthly


General Dependencies/Exclusions: scheduled, announced or emergency maintenance; unsupported system configurations and platforms; Customer infrastructure failures, including network, hardware, facility, or power; Customer system administration actions or commands; Densify-recommended/supported version of connectors/software not installed by Customer; Customer errors or failures to provide needed information or access to resolve an outage; Customer-caused security incidents or Customer security testing; or other causes beyond Densify’s reasonable control.

Not applicable to development, testing or staging environments.

No combining or stacking of Commitment failures. Commitments can be co-dependent, therefore, a failure of one Commitment occurring concurrently with another will be counted as only one failure.

Notes: A Subscription Month is the 30-day period following the commencement date of the subscription and each 30-day period thereafter.