Optimization as Code for Cloud and Containers

Automate optimization

Continuous Optimization That Fits into Your CI/CD Framework

Are your teams hard coding instance types and resources into IaC frameworks? HashiCorp Terraform and AWS CloudFormation simplify and automate the process of managing and provisioning infrastructure. But often resource specifications are hard coded, meaning that unless there is intervention, that instance will always be what is specified at deploy time. A small modification of your infrastructure as code templates can ensure your cloud apps get exactly the cloud resources they need at the lowest possible cost.

Introduction to Optimization as Code

The Solution: Optimization as Code

The Densify analytics engine uses patented machine learning to continuously model your apps’ utilization patterns to determine if the resources they have are optimal. Densify then generates recommendations for optimal instance types and size or resources in the case of containers.  The result is that you can:

  • Inject these findings into your instances as tags (optional)
  • Automatically create “App Owner Reports” for transparency to app and business owners. These can be delivered via change tickets
  • Generate machine-readable output for actioning by automation processes

By replacing fixed resource assignments in your templates with calls to reference Densify’s recommendations, your workloads can be automatically provisioned to the best-fit instances. As resource demands change over time or newer instance types are introduced by cloud providers, your infrastructure remains optimized. 

provider "aws" {
  region = "${var.aws_region}"
resource "aws_instance" "web" {
  name = "Web Server"
  #instance_type = "m4.large"
  instance_type = "${lookup(local.densify_spec,"appr_type") == "all" ? lookup(local.densify_spec,"rec_type") : lookup(local.densify_spec,"cur_type")}"
  ami = "${lookup(var.aws_amis, var.aws_region)}"
Optimization as code dynamically adjusts the instance type, ensuring your apps always get the resources they require

Everybody Wins

Bridge the Gap Between App Developers, CloudOps, & Finance

Developers are freed from the burden of having to guess at and update resource or instance specifications.

Cloud operations teams can provide API-based optimization services to app teams, enabling them to run a safe and efficient environment

Finance benefits from the dramatically-improved cost efficiency that comes with machine learning

Eliminate Hardcoded Resource Specs within Infrastructure as Code

With CloudFormation and Terraform, application resources are often hard coded into manifests, many times with suboptimal specifications.

Integrate Densify with these frameworks to make optimization seamless and continuous. 

Learn more about Densify integrations.

Leverage infrastructure as code automation like CloudFormation, Terraform, Ansible, and others