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From this page you can browse a collection of informative video content covering features, concepts and procedures.

These videos cover a wide range of topics and are grouped into categories.

Use the arrows on the video slider to view available videos in each category. Select a video, click the Play button on the video to view the topic within the online help. The topic containing the video opens in a new window.

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Recently Added

Using the Reserved Instance Reports

Container Data Collection

Container Optimization Overview

Detecting Outliers in the
Cloud Cost Intelligence Module

Using the Cloud Cost Navigator

Investigating Optimization
Recommendations by Application

Creating Cloud Connections

AWS Prerequisites for Collecting
CloudWatch Data Using an IAM Role

Azure Prerequisites for Collecting
Data Using a Service Principal

Azure Prerequisites for
Collecting Data

Google Cloud Platform
Prerequisites for Collecting Data

Connecting Densify to AWS
Using an IAM Role

Connecting Densify to Microsoft Azure

Connecting Densify to Google Cloud Platform

Densify Console

Densify Console Overview

Viewing Public Cloud
Optimization Reports

Using the Recommendation Filter

How to Densify Your Environment

Reviewing the Optimization Overview Report

Viewing the Impact Analysis and Recommendation Report

Working with ASGs

Instance Optimization Details Overview

Densify API

Using the Postman Collection

Understanding the Densify API Workflow

Optimizing Kubernetes Containers

Using the Connector

Installing the Densify Connector

VMware Data Collection Using the Connector

Private Cloud

Cluster Capacity in VM Units

Windows License Optimization Reports

Supply and Demand

Transform to Cloud

Route and Reserve Demand Overview

Routing Booking Requests

Control Console

Control Console Overview

Analyzing Clusters, Hosts and VMs