Resolved and Known Issues

Resolved Issues


The list of known issues with a work-around is provided at the top of page. The following tables list resolved issues in the specified release, including the Densify Connector. All tables are sorted by Densify's Internal Reference number.

Known Issues

Table: Known Issues in 12.2.x

Internal Reference

Team Support Reference



When you use the Search feature on the Optimization Overview page, the hyperlinked values may show the number of matching instances incorrectly.


In the Cloud Cost Intelligence Azure Reservations Coverage report, the filter status indicates that the filter is off, even when filter options have been selected and applied.



Currently, when you export the contents of Details tab, the resulting Excel extract may not exactly match the counts displayed on the dashboard. This page is still under development. Please contact your Cloud Advisor for details.


With version 9.0.27 of Tomcat, the exception below is logged during the web server initialization:

WARNING [main] org.apache.catalina.core.StandardServer.await The socket listening for the shutdown command experienced an unexpected timeout [610,403] milliseconds after the call to accept()

The web server starts up successfully despite the warnings with no further issues.


After you import the new baseline package you may see a warning message indicating the latest package has not been applied. The message is displayed in the Status box on the Analysis Console > Administration > Packages and Components > Packages tab.

Work-around: Ignore this warning as it is not applicable.


In large environments, using an API query that returns a very large number of objects (>5000) may result in degraded performance or webserver errors.

Work-around: Use the page and page_size parameters to manage the number of objects returned.


If you close the Cloud Cost Intelligence browser tab without signing out, a subsequent Cloud Cost Intelligence login could fail or you could be directed to a Jaspersoft login page.

Work-around: Log out of he CCI before closing the browser.

Alternatively, clear the cache in the current browser or use a different browser.

Resolved Issues

Table: Resolved Issues in Version 12.2

Internal Reference

Team Support Reference




Resolved an issue related to collecting and displaying more than 50 Azure reservations.



Resolved an issue related to the benchmark values being obtained from the incorrect location.



Resolved an issue in which ASGs recommendations were generated for services with insufficient data.



Resolved an issue retrieving the Impact Analysis and Recommendation Report through the DensifyAPI.