Private Cloud Managers

Private Cloud Manager


Densify makes your private cloud self-optimizing by allocating the correct resources to meet your applications’ demands. Delivered completely as a cloud-based service, Densify analyzes your private cloud infrastructure, providing resizing and rebalancing recommendations.

You can automate these recommendations through the Densify Connector to continuously optimize your VMs' requirements.

Densify helps with these initiatives:

  • Performance Management—Provide visibility into workload patterns to prevent performance degradation and reduce risk;
  • Governance—Create tunable policies based on account and application for customized recommendations and management;
  • Change Management—Generate an Impact Analysis report for existing change approval processes;
  • Third-Party Integrations—Integrate with third-party systems via the Densify API;
  • Automation—Integrate into your existing IaaS and orchestration templates to enable seamless automation—creating continuous optimization.
  • Capacity Control and Visibility—Review your current capacity, plan for what’s coming now and in the future.
  • Software License Optimization—Analytics that reduce your software license costs through smarter VM and Container placements.Contact [email protected] for details.