Cloud Engineers

Cloud Engineers


Delivered completely as a cloud-based optimization service, Densify analyzes your public cloud resources and provides a clear indication of the your environments.

Densify can make your cloud environments self-optimizing by continuously matching your applications’ demands to the optimal cloud supply. providing results back to your resources so that they become self-aware of their workload demands, and to continuously match their needs with the optimal cloud supply.

In addition to making your resources self-aware, Densify helps with these initiatives:

  • Performance Management—Provides visibility into workload patterns to prevent performance degradation and reduce risk;
  • Governance—Create tunable policies for customized recommendations and instance management;
  • Change Management—Generate an Impact Analysis report for existing change approval processes;
  • Third-Party Integrations/API—Integrate with your existing ITSM, CMDB, and other third-party systems via the Densify API;
  • Automation—Integrate into your existing IaC and orchestration templates to enable seamless automation—creating continuous optimization of your instances and containers.