Densify brings the power of patented, predictive machine learning-powered analytics to perform to your VMware and cloud environments, without the need to deploy dedicated management infrastructure.

Delivered completely as a cloud-based optimization service, Densify enables you to match your cloud requirements with the optimal cloud supply. Densify is a true SaaS implementation—there is no software to maintain, or learn. Our Cloud Advisors are a team of cloud experts who work as an extension of your team to keep your public and/or private cloud optimized.

For VMware you install a data connector, set a connection schedule and Densify takes care of the rest. You can log into a secure, dedicated SaaS instance to access the optimization and risk reduction reports with details on how to increase density and gain stability in your environment.

For cloud environments, Densify uses the cloud connection wizard from within your secure, dedicated SaaS instance to create connections to your public cloud APIs. Within 24 hours your data has been collected and analyzed and can be reviewed through the same SaaS instance.

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See Using Densify Help for details on using the online help system.

Note: Specifications, instructions and the user interface are subject to change without notice.