Managing Your Virtual Environments

Managing Your Virtual Environments


After you perform data collectionClosed Data collection is the process of discovering and collecting configuration and workload data from cloud or virtualized environments. Data collection is usually scheduled to run once nightly. Data collection may also be referred to as an audit. and analysisClosed Collected data is analyzed using Densify's patented analytics and results are loaded into the reporting database for viewing through various reports, consoles, dashboards, and user interfaces. of your virtual environment, you can:

  • filter, report on and optimize your environment
  • forecast and plan for new supply and demand

Data collection and analysis are performed nightly, or as scheduled. The results are displayed graphically through the Control Console, and through Densify reports.

Data Collection

Data collection of your VMware systems is performed through the Densify Connector. See Installing the Densify Connector for installation and configuration details.

If you are working with IBM PowerVM you need to configure the Mid-range Connector to perform data collection. Contact [email protected] for additional information.

Contact [email protected] to perform data collection of other environments,

Viewing the Control Console

The Control Console allows you to visually understand your environments whether they are running with too little or too much infrastructure, for today and into the future. The Control Console takes into account:

  • new supply and demand
  • recommendations, if assumed to be actioned

You can also use the Control Console:

  • to retire systems from the environment
  • to exempt systems from the analysis
  • to transform systems onto a new set of host hardware
  • to close clusters for new supply and demand
  • to update policies
  • to execute recommendations through action plans

See Working with the Control Console for details.

Using the Global Filter

You can use the global filter to include or exclude clusters in your environment. See Using the Global Filter for details on defining your scope.

Routing and Reserving Demand

Tou can route and reserve demand to your internal infrastructure or to external cloud providers, using the Route and Reserve Demand page. For details, see Routing and Reserving Demand.

Planning and Managing Supply

You can plan for new hosts and datastores using the Plan and Manage Supply page.See Planning and Managing Supply.

Optimizing Your Environment

With control analytics, Densify reports are available to optimize your environment:

Action Automation

Densify recommendations for placement, memory, CPU and disk allocation changes can be actioned automatically through the Densify Connector. See Action Automation Overview for details.