Managing Densify User Accounts

Managing Densify User Accounts


Creating Densify User Accounts

If you are a SaaS user then by default your login account is a member of the SaaS_User group and you can access the Densify Console, exclusively.

To learn more about watch the video,

If your role requires you to create additional users, you need to also be added to the SaaS_User_Admin group. Membership in this group allows you to create Densify-specific user accounts. These users have access to the Densify Console only.

To create a new user:

  1. In the Densify Console click the User icon in the top right corner of the page.
  2. Select User Management.
  3. Enter the required user details:
    • A user name—This name will be the user ID. It will be displayed in the User's pane. The User Name can contain alphanumeric characters (i.e. A-Z, a-z, 0-9). It can also be also be specified as an email address (i.e. <user_name>@<domain_name>).
    • Email address—The user's password creation information will be sent to this email address.
    • User group—This user can be a member of SaaS_User, SaaS_User_Admin, Report Designer, Billing _Analyst or any combination.

    Note: A user must belong to either the SaaS_User or SaaS_User_Admin group before they can be added to the Report Designer or Billing_Analyst groups.

  4. Then click Send Password Reset Link.
  5. Optionally, click Save to save the new user. You can send the create password email later, if you know the intended user is not available for the next 24 hours.

  6. An email containing further instructions will be sent to the specified email. A confirmation message is displayed.
  7. The email that is sent to the user contains a URL and a request to create their a new password.
  8. The user then needs to login to the specified URL and click the "Rest Password" link on the login page to set their password. You will be prompted to confirm your email address.
  9. Another email is sent to the specified email address. Click the "Rest Password" link. The intended user has 24 hours to complete the process, before the URL expires and you will need to resend the create password email.
  10. You are directed to your instance and are prompted to create your password. The password must comply with the password policy defined for your Densify instance.

Modifying and Deleting User Accounts

You can edit a user's settings, by selecting the user and updating the required settings. Click Save to save the changes to the selected user account.

Note: Only users with membership in SaaS_User or Saas_User_Admin groups are displayed in the Users list. If the user is also added to any other group, then this user will not be displayed in the Users list.

You can delete the account by selecting an account from the list and clicking the Delete button.

Note: You cannot delete your own account.

Resetting Account Passwords

You may encounter the following error message, "User name and/or password are incorrect. Please contact support if you require assistance."

You may see this message if the user has entered an incorrect username or password. This message is also displayed if the account has been locked. The account can be locked for various reasons.

You can also reset a user's password:

  1. Select the user, edit the email field and then click the Send Password Reset Link button. The process is the same as listed above.
  2. The email is sent to the user containing their login details including their UID and a request to reset their password.
  3. The user then needs to login to their instance and reset their password. Their password must comply with the password policy defined for your Densify instance.

Creating a Report Designer User Account

The report designer needs significantly more permissions than the standard Densify user. This user needs to access the JasperReports Server console in order to create dashboards and reports and then publish their custom reports under the My Report menu in the Densify Console.

Only the Report Designer user can access the Configure My Reports option and the Densify Business Intelligence console.

Note: The Custom Reporting feature is not enabled by default. Contact your Cloud Advisor or to enable Custom Reporting.

Creating a Billing Analyst User Account

The billing analyst group provides specific permissions for a SaaS user to access the Cloud Cost Intelligence reports.

Only users that are members of the billing analyst group can access the Cloud Cost Intelligence reports.

To create a new user:

  1. Create a user account as described above, or select an existing user account.
  2. Ensure that either Saas_User or a Saas_User_Admin is checked.
  3. Check "Billing_Analyst" to add the user account to this group.

User Authentication

For added security you can authenticate users using 2-factor authentication or by using an identity provider and an OpenID acceptor, such as Ping Identity, Okta and OpenID Connect. Contact for details.

Your Densify Subscription

When you start your Densify subscription you are provided with details of the terms of the subscription. When your subscription expires, either at the end of the free trial or whatever term, for which, you have licensed the software, you will be advised and have the option to renew. If you have a Cloud or Hybrid version of the software, you will be contacted by your Cloud Advisor with details on how to renew your license.

DevOps users should contact Densify for renewal or upgrade options.

Hybrid users can monitor the status of their license and number of targets through the Info dialog box.

Visit for details.