Exporting to Excel

Exporting to Excel


You can export most tabular reports to Microsoft® Excel. Dashboards and drill-down pages that support export functionality have the Export to Excel icon available in the toolbar.

Exporting Tabular Reports

Note: The pop-up blocker must be turned off for all browsers.

  1. Navigate to the report you want to export.
  2. Define the scope of your report, if applicable. For example, using one or more of the following filters:
  3. Click the Export to Excel button located at the top-right toolbar. This button is disabled when there is no data to export or export is not supported. Tabluar data will be exported to an Excel spreadsheet. Charts and graphs are not currently exported.

The export file is appropriately named and is saved to the download folder defined by your browser. The file includes all pages of the report, not only the page that is currently displayed. The first row of the spreadsheet includes the name of the dashboard or page, the date and time of the export and the name of the user who exported the data.

When you are exporting filtered lists, only the systems that currently appear on the screen are exported to the Excel file. When working with the guest filter and dynamic attributes, you may want to refresh the list before exporting it. See Using the Guest Filter