Data Collection for Public Cloud Systems

Data Collection for Public Cloud Systems


Collecting Data from Your Public Cloud

You can collect and analyze data from your public cloud environments. You can configure a connection from Densify to your cloud-hosted environments through the cloud connection wizard or through the Densify API.

Review the connection prerequisites to configure a user account that can then be used to create the cloud connections:

Once your data has been analyzed, you can see your results in Optimizing Your Public Cloud.

You can also collect AWS billing data and populate the Cloud Cost Intelligence reports in the Financial Console. See Viewing Your Public Cloud Billing Reports. Currently billing data is only collected for AWS accounts.

Configuring Public Cloud Audits to use a Proxy Server

You can configure your public cloud connection to use a proxy server, for additional security. You need to provide the following information to [email protected]:

  • Proxy server name
  • Proxy server access port
  • User Name and encrypted password, if authentication is required


Data Collection for Public Cloud contains the following chapter topics: