Working with the Control Console

Working with the Control Console


The Control Console provides a useful way of visualizing and managing your virtual environments, giving you control over virtual and cloud infrastructure.

The Control Console enables you to:

  • Visualize—In a single glance, see how well your infrastructure is being leveraged, e.g. which workloads and hosts are at risk, which workloads are oversized and how many hosts are required, based on policies.
  • Control—Precise recommendations are derived from policies and operational data to provide IT with unprecedented control over virtual and cloud infrastructure. This control allows you to optimize your environment.
  • Automate—Integrate with existing management systems to safely automate actions that improve efficiency and reduce risk.

Predictive analytics lets you look at your environments into the future, based on new supply and demand as well as historical trends.

Although the Control Console highlights risks and inefficiencies, you should use the Densify Console to de-risk and densify your environments. The Densify Console provides an easy-to-use interface to filter systems, view systems with risks and densify opportunities, and view historical charts to ensure your environments are being optimized.

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Data Collection Using the Densify Connector

Before you begin, make sure you complete the Connector Prerequisites, including installing the Densify Connector and setting up your VMware data collection. See Installing the Densify Connector.

Browser Requirements

See Browser Requirements for details on browsers supported for the Control Console.

Note: When using the simplified version of the Control Console in browsers other than Internet Explorer some features may not be available. See Control Console Spectrum Overview.


Throughout these topics, the terminology datacenter, infrastructure group, host and VM are used to indicate the generic structure and hierarchy of an environment. They are not technology specific. You can customize your environment when you create it, with terminology that is technology-specific, such as LPARs for VMs and Frames for hosts, etc.

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