Postman Collection

Postman Collection


Densify provides a Postman collection of sample API requests for public cloud.

To learn more watch the video:

Note: Download the latest version of Postman from

Download the Densify Public Cloud Postman Collection (v 12.1.7)

Follow the steps below to use the downloaded Postman collection:

  1. Unzip the downloaded file and import it into your Postman application. The Densify API Collection (12.1.7) collection and Densify environment are loaded into your Postman workspace.
  2. Modify the variables in the Densify environment to match your Densify and cloud-specific settings and credentials.
  3. Note: If you already have a previous Densify environment in your Postman application, you can either delete the previous version or rename it. Otherwise, you will have duplicate Densify environments after the new collection is imported.

  4. Review the Documentation section of the collection for an overview of the workflow and API requests.

Use this sample collection to familiarize yourself with Densify API requests.

Troubleshooting the Postman Collection