How Cloud Optimization Impacts IT Infrastructure Managers

Get Total Visibility, Instance Modernization, & Billing Management

Across Your Public Clouds

For managers of AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and IBM SoftLayer infrastructure, sometimes just keeping track of what you have in the cloud is tough enough, let alone actually optimizing it.

Densify offers relief. We will optimize your public cloud environment for you. Working with your organization’s operational policies, we will apply our leading optimization engine with oversight from a Densification Advisor to give you total visibility, optimized app placements, instance selection and modernization, and billing management with minimal effort on your side.

The outcomes for you are lower cloud costs and better performing apps.

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Densify for Public Cloud Infrastructure Managers

IT Infrastructure Manager Testimonial

“Densify showed us how to save 46% in AWS just by moving to newer instance options that gave us the same performance at a lower cost. This kept our app owners happy, but enabled us to reduce our monthly bill.”

In Your Private Cloud

Densify provides the most comprehensive solution for automating infrastructure optimization with both proactive optimization that enables you to avoid risk while increasing efficiency and real-time response to get you out of trouble. We automatically place application workloads in the right hosting environments, on the right servers and allocate the right amount of resources to ensure workloads always have enough without having too much.

Our unique ability predictively place and dove-tail workloads gives you efficiency you just simply can’t get with real-time reactive tools. That’s why we have been the choice of leading Fortune 500 organizations and service providers for years.

Trust the science the leaders rely on to optimize your environment. Because now it’s available in an incredibly easy to take advantage of service. So even if you don’t have capacity teams guiding your way, you can ensure you always have the right resources for your applications without waste.

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Densify for IT Infrastructure Managers

IT Infrastructure Manager Testimonial

“Not only have we optimized our VMware environment and reduced CAPEX requirements by $10 million, we also significantly reduced VM motioning and fire drills in the environment.”