How Cloud Optimization Impacts Cloud Architects

See What to Move to Cloud, Where to Place It, How to Size It, & Manage Billing

For cloud architects mapping out how they will leverage public cloud resources effectively is a massive job. Densify supports this effort with an analytics service that supports the lifecycle of deciding which apps should go to public cloud, comparing cloud platforms, sizing the workloads and managing billing and optimization once they’re out there.

We even help you model advanced use cases such a stacking containers within AWS instances, which can save your team upwards of 80%. Or stacking on bare metal cloud options vs. public cloud alternatives.

And if you’re looking to automate internal provisioning processes that include placing workloads into next-generation infrastructure, we can help you there too. Our analytics in real-time determine where to best host a workload and how to allocate resources, integrating with provisioning portals and orchestration systems to automate the process.

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Cloud Architect Testimonial

“We used Densify to compare SoftLayer bare metal vs public cloud hosting options after we acquired an organization with over 360 workloads running in AWS. Densify showed us how to optimize the existing AWS environment to reduce costs, but also what the workloads would look like in Softlayer, saving us time and giving us an accurate comparison we just couldn’t get otherwise”