How Cloud Optimization Impacts Capacity Managers

Understand Your True Infrastructure Requirements

Densify provides the insight you need to understand your true infrastructure requirements, both public cloud and on-premises infrastructure. Our advanced analytics enable a comprehensive understanding of compute, storage, network, and resource requirements by examining utilization, policy, capacity reservations, and technical considerations.

In other words: We make your life easy.

No more days lost to manual data manipulation in a spreadsheet. And no more over-provisioning "just in case". Densify enables you to reserve capacity for future requirements—allowing for more accurate forecasting and efficient purchasing.

When it comes time to make public cloud decisions, we help you make the most out of what you have internally while buying the right amount externally and ensuring you place workloads optimally between them.

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Capacity Manager Testimonial

“Densify guides our decisions on future capacity requirements. Using its capacity reservations gives us an accurate view of what we really need and when, so we never worry about running out and we no longer have to buy extra hardware or storage just in case.”