Survey Indicates Fast Container Adoption is Driving Google Cloud Usage & Public Cloud Overspend

Toronto, Ontario – February 28, 2019 – Densify, the leader in the Cloud Resource Management software market, today announced the findings of its global enterprise cloud survey of IT professionals. 80% of respondents have actively deployed containers or will do so in the near future. As public cloud is the preferred option for container deployment, Google is the clear winner in this adoption and growing at 117% year over year, a much faster rate than that of AWS and Azure. As proper cloud resource provisioning is extremely complex when deploying container environments, the survey shows an acceleration of wasted cloud spend.

The data reveals that organizations are adopting public cloud and containers very aggressively. While application uptime and performance risk and cost efficiency are their primary concerns, respondents admit to not understanding the impact of public cloud technologies and features. Unfortunately, the data also reveals that organizations continue to pay, and take risks with new technologies such as containers, without fully understanding the impact. For instance, it is impossible to manually limit application downtime risk and drive cost efficiencies.

“We are seeing approximately 40% of companies across all industries overspending on cloud services to the tune of millions of dollars a month,” said Gerry Smith, CEO, Densify. “That’s staggering. And while containers are a tremendous means of developing and deploying applications, companies must properly provision cloud resources to meet application needs. If not, their costs can skyrocket.”

Survey findings include:

  • Google Cloud adoption grew by 117% compared to the year before. While AWS and Azure command a much larger market share, year over year they slightly shrunk and slightly grew respectively. But Google had the fastest growth from a year ago.
  • Application uptime and risk avoidance are the top priority and concern, with controlling cloud spend and efficiency as the secondary priorities.
  • 40% of respondents do not well-understand the impact of cloud providers’ services, which continuously changes, to their application risk and performance, and demand greater visibility.
  • 45% of respondents believe they are over-spending on cloud services, with about 10% of those indicating they were 100% over budget.
  • 91% of enterprises have hybrid cloud infrastructure, meaning they are running cloud technology on-prem and in the public cloud, with 35% of that audience sharing that they have less visibility into their public cloud infrastructure, compared to their legacy on-prem cloud
  • 66% of the audience continue to manage the resource selection of their cloud infrastructure manually, without the use of machine learning or AI technologies, which in turn is adding to risk
  • 70% admit that automated optimization and resource management of their cloud and container infrastructure result in cost savings.

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