Using Helm to Enable CI/CD Pipelines to Optimize Application Resources for Kubernetes

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Why CI/CD Integration of K8s Infrastructure Allocation is Critical

For Kubernetes (K8s) applications, tying infrastructure allocation directly to the CI/CD pipeline is critical to maximize investments and performance. Why?

With traditional services, your pipeline deployed your application independent of any infrastructure specifications. Infrastructure was configured separately—manually or through infrastructure as code.

With K8s, infrastructure requirements are defined in the application manifest. This means that your CI/CD pipeline is not only deploying your application, but also allocating the necessary infrastructure. At scale, the traditional approach of managing infrastructure requirements outside the pipeline becomes impossible.


Join us as we show you how to use Helm to enable any Kubernetes CI/CD pipeline to dynamically request the optimal infrastructure resources during the application deployment phase. This demonstration will also reveal how cost savings and performance can be gained through the automated configuration of container resources.

Training Details

June 23, 2021 at 11 a.m. EDT (8 a.m. PDT; 3 p.m. GMT)
45 minutes

The training will be presented by the solution’s developer, Dinesh Raveendran, who will also include an open Q&A session so you can get your Kubernetes cost optimization questions answered.

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About the Presenters

Dinesh Raveendran

Dinesh Raveendran Cloud Architect, Densify

Dinesh Raveendran has 15 years of experience owning, managing, and delivering cutting-edge technology propositions. He is responsible for explorative research into existing and emerging cloud management technologies, and evangelizing how these technologies can be leveraged to help optimally manage cloud infrastructures through prototyping, thought leadership, and content creation.

Chuck Tatham

Chuck Tatham Chief Marketing Officer & VP, Business Development, Densify

Chuck Tatham has 20 years of experience in enterprise software marketing, sales, and corporate management. As CMO and VP Business Development, he is responsible for global marketing and strategic business development initiatives.

Prior to Densify, Chuck held management roles at Compuware Corporation, Changepoint Corporation, and Lotus Development. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from The University of Toronto.