Optimal Infrastructure Control is both Predictive & Realtime

calendar June 8, 2017

Standard Robotic Control theory makes a distinction between reactive control, which is fast and simple, and predictive control, which is much smarter. Reactive control is designed to respond quickly to get you out of trouble, while predictive control is designed to understand exactly what you are trying to accomplish, and provide precise actions to enable you to meet your goals. The optimal control system is one that is a hybrid of both of these capabilities to perfectly balance planned, strategic action with reactive response.

Learn how to gain realtime, proactive control over IT infrastructure

Densify is widely recognized for our predictive capabilities. Our deep analysis of historical application workload patterns enables us to know what workloads will do before they do it. Using this information, our patented analytics famously play Tetris with workloads to safely and optimally dovetail them increasing density while reducing resource contention risk – something nothing else in the market can do. Truly.

In our latest release we have extended our real-time capabilities that enable us to address operational anomalies. With these enhancements, we now offer the most comprehensive solution in the market for automating infrastructure optimization. Densify offers the perfect combination of predictive analytics with real-time response. It is a true hybrid control system for your hybrid cloud infrastructure and only we offer it.