Densify Talks, Cloud Complexity: Understanding the Costs and Benefits of Cloud Computing with Mark Watson from ComplyAdvantage

calendar August 28, 2023

On this episode of Densify Talks, we welcome Mark Watson, CTO at ComplyAdvantage. Andrew and Mark get into a variety of topics, including cloud costs and optimization strategies. Mark shares his insights and experiences with cloud vendors, discussing the challenges of analyzing and predicting cloud growth and the importance of flexibility when choosing providers. Andrew and Mark discuss pricing in the cloud industry, shedding light on the sometimes overlooked nature of hardware and software costs.

They also delve into the world of optimization, test environments, and resource allocation, sharing valuable strategies for reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Andrew and Mark talk about AI, the impact of AI on data acquisition methods, and the importance of reliable content on the internet. They also get into Mark’s love for Sci-Fi and how our future may or may not come close to what’s already been written and, somewhat, predicted.

We hope you enjoy this insightful and informative episode, as we explore the world of cloud costs, optimization strategies, and so much more with our guest, Mark Watson.

About our guest:

Mark Watson, Chief Technology Officer at ComplyAdvantage.

Mark leads the company’s technology team in developing and running world-class technology. Mark has over 30 years’ experience in large companies and start-ups, several of which he co-founded and built from scratch. Immediately before ComplyAdvantage, he was CTO at WorldRemit, a leading cross-border digital payments service providing international money transfer and remittance services across a worldwide network. Mark has a BA in Politics from the University of Nottingham, UK.

About Densify Talks:

Densify Talks is a podcast hosted by Andrew Hillier, Co-Founder and CTO of Densify, a cloud optimization software company. The podcast is focused on interviews with IT and technical leaders and innovators who have experience in delivering cloud and Kubernetes-based infrastructure within large enterprises.

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