Analytics that deliver efficiency without the risk.

Forget over-provisioning IT infrastructure to offset risk and get new school with predictive analytics that automate smarter resource allocations and placements to maximize efficiency while reducing risk. That's a win for both you and the business.

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Optimization for on-premise infrastructure and public cloud.

Densify on-premise infrastructure

Reduce cloud costs

Routing decision control for:

Predicting what your workloads need to make sure they get it.'s analytics are uniquely able to profile the historical intra-day workload patterns and use these detailed models to predict what a workload will require in the future. This is critical to optimization. If you don't know what a workload will do, you can't drive higher density without incurring lots of risk. takes a holistic view of the workload patterns and all the other critical technical and business requirements to ensure every workload gets what it needs – today and tomorrow. Which ensures you can drive increased density while also reducing volatility, avoiding performance issues and dramatically reducing VM motioning.

Get the right fit for VMs and cloud instances.

Over-sized VMs and cloud instances are a common area of waste, on premise and public cloud environments particularly when self-service models allow users to determine allocations and correspondingly your monthly bills soar to new heights. provides oversight and right-sizing for all your workloads – hosted internally and in public cloud. With its deep understanding of workload patterns and all other critical requirements, optimizes resource allocations and cloud instance selection  - so you choose the right size to give your workloads what they need without breaking the bank.

Automated actions to keep
your infrastructure optimized.

Change in hybrid infrastructure is constant and what was once optimal, may no longer be. provides comprehensive reporting and automation for detailed recommendations to address:

  • VM and cloud instance right-sizing to ensure resource allocations are sufficient without wasting capacity.
  • Host and environment imbalances with rebalancing actions to ensure each workload gets the resources it needs and the changes are made in advance to avoid performance issues.
  • Stranded capacity due to inefficient VM placements by rebalancing VMs.
  • Imbalanced capacity at the cluster and environment levels through optimal initial placement of new applications that factor in supply side capacity.

Public cloud cost control for today and tomorrow

  • Complete visibility through detailed reporting by business unit, service type, app
  • Right-size instances safely based on historical utilization to reduce costs
  • Eliminate hidden costs by turning off the deadwood
  • Identify unallocated charges
  • Explore and identify alternative hosting opportunities

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