The scientific route to smarter hosting decisions

Densify applies the power of science to optimize workload routing in real-time. It automatically routes new workloads to the best hosting venue, whether that’s internal or external to your organization.

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Routing decision control for:

Built to cut through the complexity of multi-cloud hosting decisions.

There’s only one way to make the best decision for where to host a workload: use analytics that accurately assess all utilization, technical, and business requirements and then match them with the capabilities of available infrastructure.

Lucky for you, we’re up to the challenge. Densify analyzes the critical requirements of a workload (utilization, security, service levels, software, technical, storage, etc.) and evaluates the suitability of target environments based on relative cost, occupancy levels, and capabilities.

Enabling automation in real-time.

Densify makes workload placements in real-time, automatically selecting the best execution venue for each workload. Optimized sizing and cloud instance configurations ensure your workloads get the required resources at the right price without compromising on compliance, security, or performance.

Our integrations to cloud management platforms, provisioning and orchestration systems and RESTful API make it easy capture all requests and enable intelligent automation of hosting decisions.

Track and manage all requests and their critical requirements including
resources, utilization, and business, technical and software requirements.

Compare hosting venues based
on suitability for each app.

Densify determines the optimal hosting environment and server placement in real-time based on critical criteria, including workload requirements, technical requirements, operational and business policies, and relative cost.

Rank hosting environments with the Hosting Score – a single metric measuring a cluster or cloud's suitability for the new workload based on:

  • Occupancy
  • Relative Cost
  • Fit-for-purpose criteria such as:
    • Software Licensing
    • OS
    • HA
    • Storage
    • SDN transport zones
    • NFV componentry
    • Security
    • Proximity

Reservations ensure you’re always ready for what’s next.

Most requests for new workload placements don’t need immediate fulfillment. In these cases, Densify creates a reservation that holds the required resources until needed. This way, they’re ready and waiting when you need them. And you have an accurate picture of future demands on your infrastructure.

Our genius extends to existing workloads, too.

It’s not just new workloads that need a home—existing ones regularly need to be rebalanced, rehosted, or transformed. Work with our Densification Advisor™ to model scenarios that identify the best home for all virtualized workloads to effectively balance demand across infrastructure, ensuring service levels and efficiency.

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