Success stories from the real world. is a SaaS based analytics solution for densifying and de-risking infrastructure. is powered by Cirba's analytics, leveraged by Fortune 500 organizations to optimize their infrastructure. Below are some cases highlighting the impact of these analytics.

Here’s what our customers are saying

"The review sessions run by the Advisor were really, really excellent and professional. They have given the team useful insight into the issues identified by the analytics."

"Not only have we reduced public cloud infrastructure costs by over 40%, we optimized internal VMware infrastructure to significantly reduced performance issues and volatility."

" is simply the right way to manage the balance of application demand and infrastructure supply. In the first 30 days, we already have a clear view of how the software will pay for itself many times over."

“ guides our decisions on future capacity requirements – for both internal private cloud and AWS. Using it, we are able to ensure appropriate amounts of capacity, optimized workload placements, resource planning for the future.”

" takes the guesswork out deciding where to host our VMs. With in control of placements, we can now confidently automate the process."

Fortune 500 Firm – Capital Cost Reduction


Global provider of banking and payment technologies serving more than 14,000 institutions in over 130 countries.

  • Hypervisors: VMware, PowerVM
  • Servers: Approximately 24,000 VMs & servers
  • Customer Since: 2014


The organization countered capacity risk in virtualized infrastructure by over-provisioning hardware, but they lacked transparency into a VM’s true resource requirements which limited the potential savings. This challenge would be exacerbated upon adoption of their NextGEN cloud.

Measurable Success:

  • Cost Avoidance through Improved Strategic Placements (17% improvement after 4 months)
  • Improved Instance to Asset Ratio on NextGEN Platform (legacy was 11:1)
  • Reduction in Cabling, Power, and Cooling Costs on NextGEN Platform

Solution:’s analytics clearly demonstrated the true infrastructure requirements of each VM. The company was able to change policy to the environment and improve efficiency without introducing operational risk.

A Leading European Bank – 100% Improvement in Virtual Density.


A leading European bank relied on manual infrastructure management processes – and in their growing virtual environment it resulted in inefficiencies and a lack of visibility. The rule-of-thumb estimates let to constant over-provisioning and issues with VM sizing.


After evaluating eight other solutions, the bank declared that our analytics was the only one to solve their issues. We helped the bank to right-size and reconfigure VMs, rebalance the environment, optimize server configurations, ensure policy compliance.


By providing a single view into the health of the infrastructure through its unique Control Console and the actions required to optimize operations, we significantly reduced the time spent managing the environment.

Multinational Bank Uncovers $5 Million in Windows®
Server Datacenter Licensing Savings.


A multinational bank was dealing high costs in their virtualized environment. With a Microsoft Windows license renewal on the horizon, the organization was looking for a way to avoid even further increasing costs.

Solution:’s SaaS-based optimization analytics were selected to gain control of efficiency and risk through vastly improved visibility into workload requirements and the solutions automated optimization of VM placements and resource allocations. In particular, the solution’s Software License Control add-on was leveraged to optimize VM placements considering Windows Server Datacenter edition, which is licensed using a processor-based model that entitles organizations to run an unlimited number of VMs on up to two processors. optimized VM placements to isolate Windows VMs from Linux VMs, while also increasing VM density.


Optimizing VM placements and sizing reduced the number of physical hosts requiring Windows Server licenses from 2,000 down to 900. The 55% reduction in licensing requirement resulted in a $5 Million upfront savings in Windows licenses and $1.1 Million in annual savings in maintenance costs. The optimization also freed up stranded capacity across the infrastructure.

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